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WGST Affiliate Dr. Eric Simanek on Teaching Whiskey to College Students

Featured in the Washington Post, Dr. Eric Simanek, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry and new WGST Affiliate, talks about teaching students about whiskey–but not just through chemistry but also through a historical examination of gender, race, and intersectionality.

He states, “But after about three weeks, students realize the class is not really about whiskey. Their first clue is discussion of the Big Bang and origins of atoms. We move onto molecules, the evolution of the human race and the rise of agriculture. It’s the history portion that usually leaves the deepest mark. But it’s not the facts that students take away; it’s the dialogue skills that are developed and the perspectives they afford.”

Check out Dr. Simanek’s article here and check out more about his course titled, “Whiskey: Science and History” here.