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Recent publications by WGST Affiliates


Assistant Professor of Art History Jessica L. Fripp, Amandine Gorse, Nathalie Manceau, and Nina Struckmeyer, eds., Artistes, savants et amateurs : art et sociabilité au XVIIIe siècle (1715-1815) (Paris: Éditions Mare et Martin, 2016).



Associate Professor of History Hanan Hammad, Industrial Sexuality: Gender, Urbanization, and Social Transformation in Egypt (University of Texas-Austin, 2016).



Professor and Department Chair, Film, Television, and Digital Media Kylo-Patrick Hart, ed. Queer TV in the 21st Century: Essays on Broadcasting from Taboo to Acceptance (McFarland and Co., 2016).



Dean, College of Fine Arts Anne Helmreich, Nature’s Truth: Photography, Painting, and Science in Victorian Britain (Penn State University Press, 2016).



Associate Professor of History and Director of Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies, Max Krochmal, Blue Texas: The Making of a Multiracial Democratic Coalition in the Civil Rights Era (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2016).



Assistant Professor of Dance Jessica Zeller, Shapes of American Ballet: Teachers and Training before
Balanchine (Oxford University Press, 2016).