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Matthew Pitt’s new book, These Are Our Demands, published


Congratulations to Matthew Pitt, Assistant Professor of English and WGST affiliate, whose book These Are Our Demands was published on August 22!

A bit about the book:
The characters in These Are Our Demands grasp at chances forever bobbing away. Their lack of power may be due to language or cultural barriers, racial or age discrimination, or because they hail from parts of the country where merely getting by passes for rousing success. These twelve narratives range in aesthetic from tidy realism to a more slanted, fabulist bent, and are concerned with the contours of where our culture is headed-whether that means colonizing the moon because of a tourist scheme gone awry, or an abandoned town populated by blind bluesmen, faithfully awaiting their lovers’ return. Through subversive satire, this collection explores ways in which consignment to the margins opens up a kind of wilderness beyond the borders of polite society.