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WGST Claudia V. Camp Faculty Research Award Winner Public Lecture

Wednesday 8th February 2017

7:00 PM in Sid Richardson Lecture Hall 2

Following the celebration of faculty research.

becoming cyborg: A Black Feminist, the Living Camera, Participatory Democracy, and Their Weaving

A Multimedia Presentation by Fran Huckaby

Based on the digitally born ethnographic film project, Public Education Project: Participatory Democracy in Times of Privatization, this multimedia presentation explores cyborg weaving as a renewed possibility for participatory democracy. Huckaby and her camera together become the living camera, the participatory camera, the cine-eye-ear —cyborg. This feminist scholarship born of necessity witnesses, documents, analyzes, and (re)presents the counterstories and activism of marginalized and displaced communities in the struggle to claim education at a time when receiving it is threatened.