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Jean Giles-Sims Wise Woman Award


Wise Woman Winners 2013-2014: Balizet and Leverenz

The Jean Giles-Sims Wise Woman Award is presented to the faculty member who best exemplifies the principles of Women and Gender Studies and helps to further the interests of women at TCU. The award recognizes faculty contributions both inside and outside of the classroom. Any faculty member who teaches a WGST-attribute course during the current academic year is eligible to be nominated for the award, however, award recipients from previous years are not eligible for subsequent nominations.

Procedure: The WGST Awards Committee solicits nominations for the award in Spring semesters. Any student enrolled in a WGST class (undergraduate or graduate) in summer, fall, or spring semesters of a given academic year may nominate a candidate. Once all nominations are in, a survey will be sent out to all students in the WGST program to vote for a winner based on the nominating statements of the students in their classes. The winner is announced at the annual Garden Party.

Current Winner

Wise Woman2016-17: Jacqueline Lambiase

Jacqueline Lambiase’s research focuses on public relations ethics, representations of gender and sexuality in media and marketing, as well as on computer-mediated communication and social media. She teaches several courses in the strategic communication department of TCU, and her students respect and appreciate her vast knowledge about feminism and the media.

Dr. Lambiase has opened my eyes to gender issues within the world. She has also made a point to inform students about the race and sexuality issues within advertising and media. I was aware it existed but she has allowed me to understand to what extent and how it could be changed.

See Dr. Lambiase’s full faculty profile here. 

Previous Winners

2015-16: Hanan Hammad

2014-15: Layne Craig

2013-14: Ariane Balizet & Carrie Leverenz

2012-13: Elizabeth Flowers

2011-12: Rebecca Sharpless

2010-11: Lisa Vanderlinden

2009-10: Theresa Gaul

2008-09: Bonnie Blackwell

2007-08: Karen Steele