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Priscilla Tate Scholarship

Priscilla W. Tate

Priscilla W. Tate

The Priscilla W. Tate Scholarship is awarded yearly to a student interested in women’s issues. The selection criteria are as follows: In the selection of beneficiaries, first preference will be given to a woman pursuing a minor in Women’s Studies or who has a declared interest in women’s issues. Preference will be given to a woman who is returning to college after time away from pursuing her education. An English major with an interest in women’s issues will also be considered.

Current Priscilla Tate Scholarship Winner


2017-2018: Tamera Hyatte

Previous Priscilla Tate Scholarship Winners


2016-2017: Madison White

2015-2016: Chelsea Gillespie

2014-2015: Tammie Rhinehart

2013-2014: Alexis Lohse

2012-2013: Caroline Dillon

2011-2012: Kourtney Kinsel

2010-2011: Sharia De’Castro

2009-2010: Aimee Hunter

2008-2009: Aimee Hunter

2007-2008: JoHannah Hamilton