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Faculty Research and Creative Activity Award

Dr. Huckaby, 2016 recipient of the Faculty Award

The WGST Research and Creative Activity Award is a one-year honorary appointment that recognizes excellence in scholarship and creative activity on women and gender by an affiliated faculty member in Women and Gender Studies at TCU. During the academic year of the award, the award recipient normally presents one public lecture on the scholarship or creative activity recognized by the award and leads one program to encourage research and creative activity on topics related to women and gender.


Current Winner


Francyne Huckaby (Education)

This year’s recipient, Dr. Fran Huckaby is Associate Professor of Education and Director of TCU’s Center for Public Education. In partial fulfillment of the award, Dr. Huckaby gave a public lecture entitled “Becoming Cyborg: A Black Feminist, The Living Camera, Participatory Democracy & Their Weaving.” The presentation offered an overview of her current digitally born ethnographic film project, Public Education Project: Participatory Democracy in Times of Privatization. This project will be notable for its important arguments and innovative form. Huckaby’s film consists of conversations with public education activists and the public, particularly marginalized and displaced communities reclaiming their rights to education.

Previous Winners

2015: Babette Bohn (Art History)

2014: Jeannine Gailey (Sociology)

2013: Amy Freund (Art History)