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Women and Gender Studies is available as a minor and as an emphasis on both the BA and BS degrees.

Both are designed to provide students theoretical frameworks for recovering and analyzing women´s experiences as part of a larger investigation of gender and difference, and to offer opportunities to study disciplines through these frameworks.


Students seeking the minor complete 18 hours:

  • Two required courses (WGST 20003 and 40003) and
  • a choice of four additional courses that carry the WGST attribute.

In choosing these courses, students take no more than two courses from any single discipline.
Students who minor in women and gender studies must choose whether WGST-approved courses in their major discipline will count toward the major or the minor. No course may count for both.

WGST 20003 is offered in the fall and the spring semesters.
WGST 40003 is only offered in the spring term so minors must plan their schedules accordingly.


Students seeking the emphasis in women and gender studies complete 15 hours:

  • Either WGST 20003 or 40003 and
  • a choice of four additional courses that carry the WGST attribute.

Emphasis students may count WGST-approved courses toward both their major and the emphasis, and may also concentrate their WGST electives in a single discipline. Emphasis students in programs requiring a minor must complete a minor in another disciplinary field.

Required Courses

WGST 20003 – Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
WGST 40003 – Advanced Seminar in Women and Gender Studies (Spring semester only)


Students wishing to construct a major focusing on Women and Gender Studies may do so within the framework of the Interdisciplinary Inquiry major offered in the AddRan College of Liberal Arts. For information, please go here.