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WGST 20003 – Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
This course will serve as an interdisciplinary introduction to Women and Gender Studies, focusing on major issues, theories, and selected disciplinary applications, for which the idea of gender will provide the unifying theme. Lectures, discussions, and assignments will encourage students to recover and understand the lived experiences of women by studying concepts of gender difference. Readings will facilitate discussion and understanding of differences in age, class, sexual diversity, race, and ethnicity.

WGST 30973 – Special Topics in Women and Gender Studies
Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Directed study in Women and Gender Studies. Topic, method, and theme will vary from semester to semester.

WGST 30990 – International Residential Study
This course represents credit earned through a semester study abroad experience with an institution or program with which Texas Christian University has an official agreement to accept credit. The site and specific content will be identified on the official transcript. Courses appearing on a student´s official transcript have been included in the student´s grade point average.

WGST 40003 – Advanced Seminar in Women and Gender Studies
Spring semester ONLY

Prerequisite: WGST 20003 or any two courses approved for the minor/emphasis in Women and Gender Studies. This course explores research, theory, praxis, and activism in the field of women and gender studies. Students read classic and contemporary works and complete a theorized research, creative, or activist project employing feminist methodologies.

NOTE: This course is offered only in the spring semesters. You are required to take it for the minor. You may enroll in your junior or senior years once you have met the prerequisite above.

WGST 49003 – Internship in Women and Gender Studies
Internships (usually local in Tarrant County) arranged with the consent of the Director of the Women and Gender Studies Program for declared minors, taken on a strictly Pass/No Credit basis. (3 semester hours)

For further assistance exploring possibilities, also contact your career advisor at 817-257-2222 and see FrogJobs for a current list of open opportunities.

WGST 60003 – Graduate Colloquium in Feminist Theories and Methodologies (BRIT 90003/ENGL 80123)
This course aims to provide graduate students with a thorough grounding in the basics of feminist theory since the early modern period. We will cover the major themes of education, biological determinism vs. social constructivism, feminist analysis, psychoanalysis, and language theory, as well as other approaches specific to disciplinary background (visual, historical, literary analysis).