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WGST Committees 2016-17

Advisory Committee

Nada Elias-Lambert (appointed; 2014-17)

Elizabeth Flowers (appointed; 2015-18)

Kylo Hart (elected; 2014-17)

Carol Thompson (elected; 2015-18)

Ariane Balizet (elected; 2013-16)

The Advisory Committee will meet from 11:00-11:50 on the following days in Spring 2017:

Undergraduate Research Committee

Chair:  Lynn Jackson

Rima Abunasser

Hanan Hammad

Kassia Waggoner 

Wilton Wright (Graduate Representative)

Curriculum Committee

Bonnie Blackwell

Debi Iba

Shelley Matthews

Lisa Vanderlinden

Angela Moore (Graduate Representative)

Spring 2017 Submission Deadlines:
January 31st
February 24th
March 31st

Ad Hoc Committee on Advancement Priorities

Babette Bohn

Jacqueline Lambiase

Mary Martin Patton

Ebony Rose

Karen Steele

Kaylee Henderson (Graduate Representative)


Theme Semester Committee

Amanda Barnett (Graduate Representative)

Layne Craig

Stacy Landreth Grau

Joanne Green

Jason Helms

Lindsay Knight

Margaret Lowry

Mariam MacGregor

Meredith May